Highlights - 02/03/2020

Communication with Individual Investors

The role played by Investor Relations has been quickly evolving, whether due to changes in regulation, new technologies or the dynamics of an unpredictable market. Having control over these transformations is fundamental for success.

To help keep you informed and, perhaps, even contribute with your annual planning, we elaborated a list of the key investor relations trends for 2020:

Given the scenario of lower interest rates in Brazil, new individual investors are entering the stock market. Therefore, companies now face the challenge of adapting its communication style in order to meet the demands of this growing audience, which totaled 1.7 million individuals in 2019.



In order to attract this new type of investor, IR professionals need to take steps beyond the traditional approach aimed at institutional investors, which includes invitations to events, access to management and an open communication channel with the IR department.

Individual investors have more dynamic profiles and seek for operating and financial data in a more digital and direct manner. They appreciate interactive solutions, such as videos, podcasts, social networks and intensive use of technological tools.

Thus, IR professionals need to establish a multichannel approach that ensures that the company’s message is being well understood by all investors.


        Source: B3 and Reference Forms                                                                                                                                              Publication: Valor Econômico